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13 U Program Overview


Birth yr 2004 (13's)2005 (12's) & 2006 (11's)

The MASTP is an Off-season Training Program consisting of :

  • an off-ice training component ,
  • and an on-ice training component.
  • Video/Classroom sessions 
  • Competitions 

JUNE:  Off-ice only :
We ask all participants to attend 3 scheduled off-ice sessions a week during the month of June. 


There are no ice sessions during this June period.


Off-Ice Pyhsical Training Schedule example:

  • Wed - Thurs.6:00-8:00 pm
  • Sat. and Sun.09:00-11:00
  •  optional workouts days TBA
  • Optional sessions are used for make-up or extra sessions. 
  • Note: These day's of the week could change.


Schedule conflicts

  • Other sports:Baseball, lacrosse, golf etc can take precedence.
  • Family and school events also can take precedence.
  • Players who miss for these reasons should notify the director and schedule make up sessions. 


On-Ice in July: 
Three times a week which includes pre and post off-ice workouts as well as video review sessions. 


Professional, Prep school, High School and College coaches. 

At the 12/11 U and 13 U level we plan to take two groups of 35 players or so per group not including goalies.


The on -ice training sessions are organized with a low player to coach ratio


The mission of MASTP is to train players by using competent qualified personnel to provide  them the necessary guidance and information including academics , lifestyle that will assist them in their individual pursuit of maximizing their potential as student-athletes .

Goaltender training:

 Goaltender's receive specialized specific training sessions.

International Competition

Tentative plans are underway for selecting a team Mass STP 13'  that will compete in the

   King Of the Rings II - Hockey Tournament

 August , 2017                Toronto, ON Canada


For additional information please  contact :