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“STP 14's “

(YOB 2003)



 The Mass STP has been designed to provide the highly skilled players of potential national select caliber with a dynamic and progressive Off-Season local training program that offers a comprehensive plan of development leading to the realization of the player’s maximum potential.

The curriculum provides Technical, Tactical, Physical and Cognitive Training

The coaching staff is selected from the ranks of Professional, Collegiate, Junior, Prep/Private/HS as well as former Professional Players.

Calendar and schedule information 

Off-Season training program: 


On-Ice Program

The program consist of fourteen (14) sessions in total;

June Schedule -two (2) sessions a week Sat and Sun starting Sat June xx  at Babson College/Boch Ice Center, 

July schedule moves to Babson College - Schedule changes to two (2) week nights See your team schedules for times etc.

Goaltender training:
 Goaltenders receive specialized specific training sessions.

Physical Training

Athleticism :The MASTP will provide a program with emphasis on Athleticism (included with program)

June off-ice program provides a pre/post ice schedule offering week nights and weekends.

July Schedule pre-post Ice Schedule

Strength Training : (Not included)

Athletes at this age have now reached the period of Adolescence which in growth development terms means their bodies are ready to begin Physical and Strength training with professional sports specific training programs.

Since this is a specialized field the MASTP believes its athletes are better served with services of professionals and recognizes a few such training programs. There are certainly others but the ones listed are who we know and have had experience with them/their programs  .

The mentioned referral training programs understand and are experienced in sport specific training, as in our sport, Ice Hockey .

As a member of the MASTP they have special rated the tuition for those that enroll. Just mention the MASTP should you decide to enroll with one of them. For information about their program you may go to their website and or speak to the directly for any questions you may have.

Body by Boyle ,Woburn/North Andover,www.bodybyboyle.com  Tel 781-93801330 Bob Hanson


EPS, Foxboro, http://edgeperformancesystems.com/ Tel 508-696-0500 ext 220 Brian McDonough



A.C.T Athletic Conditioning Training,  Boch Ice Center, Dedham 

email:  508 207 5528…Shane Relihan


Holy Cross. Worcester, http://jackedonthehill.com/, Tel 508 793-2313..               

Jeff Oliver, email:joliver@holycross.edu


International Competition -

A team will be selected from the 14 group for “Team Mass STP 14’s.  

This team will travel to Stockholm Sweden to compete in our Annual MASS STP -Stockholm Friendship Series, (August 13-21 tentative date ).


Our first Sweden experience began 2000 with our players born 1985.

If you have interest to be considered for Team MassSTP 14  please write to: .


Listed are a few of the traditional Clubs that we generally compete with. Check out their long standing history on the internet.