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2017 MASTP Season

On line registration is available for the 2017 MASTP season.  First time users of the system will log on with an e-mail address only. You will be prompted to log on when you click on one of the registration programs below. The system will then e-mail you a password which you will use along with the e-mail address you entered to access the on-line registration system.

The initial stage of the registration process captures parent/adult information. Please provide all of the information requested. The more contact information we have the better able we are to keep you informed about the program.Please select "Roster" next to all of your contact information. This allows it to be viewed by the MASTP staff with the appropriate password. It is not viewable by the general public in this configuration. Once you have completed the parent information you will be able to use it for registering your child(ren).

Be sure to register your child(ren) for the appropriate program. You need only log on initially during registration. Once logged on you can return to the registration page during the same session to access the other programs. A confirmation e-mail will automatically be sent to you upon completion of the registration process. For additional guidance on the registration process click on the link at the top of the page.